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Linen Sling Care

Be Gentle. Your one of a kind handmade sling requires a little love.  

Even though your sling can be machine washed we recommend that you spot clean as necessary and hand wash only when required to keep the embroidery from being damaged. Linens are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so a quick dip in mild soapy water should get it nice and clean. If you do choose to machine wash, please use the shortest cycle to keep the embroidery from staying in the water too long.

Tip: Iron when damp to help break in and soften your sling if it feels crunchy after a wash

  • Hand wash separately in cold water 
  • Use few drops of free and clear or any mild soap 
  • Fabric softener in rinse okay 
  • Line dry or tumble dry on low 
  • Steam iron on the reverse side
  • Do not iron directly on decoration 
  • Do not bleach