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Artisan Ring Slings

At Maaeri we LOVE everything about babywearing and we love making beautiful baby products but that is not the only reason why we have set out on this journey.  Maaeri is a step towards a dream to  promote Indian art and artisans while also giving back to our community.

Each Maaeri sling is expertly crafted by independent artisans and lovingly sewn by work-at-home moms or immigrant tailors in India.  We source our high quality fabrics from family owned businesses and government run co-ops. The Maaeri Linen Collection is made from luxurious Belgian Flax Linen. For every single sling we sell we make a donation to a cause we pick to support for the month. This year we are working with Akshaya Patra to provide mid-day meals to children in government aided schools.

Together with our supportive customers and partners, we are trying to make a small difference in this big world. 



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Detailed embroidered peacock feathers adorn the tail of this 100% Linen Sling. Matte Turquoise rings add a touch of color to this toddler worthy single layer black linen sling. Wearable out of the box and will soften with 2-3 uses. *This sling ships with a matching handcrafted sling bag.* *Beautifully gift wrapped in eco-friendly reusable jute bag.* Fabric: All Maaeri Linen...