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Single Layer Embroidered Linen Slings

Our Linen is spun in India from 100% certified ecologically grown European Flax. Linen is the strongest natural fiber, 5 times stronger than cotton. The linens we use undergo a special weaving process that makes the linen softer and adds a natural sheen to the fabric giving it a natural luxurious look and feel. Linen creates a feeling of freshness in hot weather and comfort warmth in winter as it act as an excellent heat regulator. Maaeri promises to use only the finest fabrics in our products. 

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Detailed embroidered peacock feathers adorn the tail of this 100% Linen Sling. Matte Turquoise rings add a touch of color to this toddler worthy single layer black linen sling. Wearable out of the box and will soften with 2-3 uses. *This sling ships with a matching handcrafted sling bag.* *Beautifully gift wrapped in eco-friendly reusable jute bag.* Fabric: All Maaeri Linen...